I think I'm going on vacation - from politics and world events. I'm going to take a breather, for my own sanity's sake for... maybe a couple of weeks. The tragedies and abominations can go on without my paying attention to them, becoming outraged by them and shaking my impotent fists to the sky over them.

This is not to say that I will forego my support of the ACLU or Vote to Impeach.org, or the HRC... or even PFLAG - all excellent causes and worthy of time and money.

I'm just so angry and depressed all the time from listening to the horrors and evils of the Bush administration - and those criminals the evildoers who pose as Republicans (hell, I'd VOTE for a real Republican at this juncture) in Washington D.C. are carrying on right under our noses... Nothing has been done - even by the good guys though few and far between - and now that the Supreme Court has been stacked - no crime high or misdemeanor that Dubya and his cronies have, or will commit - can be challenged, and justice will never again be possible.

For example - You know that new Majority Leader guy - Boehner? The one who replaced Tom DeLay??? He's supposed to be more honest, right? He's supposed to turn the corner on corruption. HE WAS ONE TIME CHASTIZED BY THE HOUSE FOR PASSING OUT CHECKS FROM TOBACCO LOBBYISTS TO HIS FELLOW HOUSE MEMBERS - ON THE FUCKING FLOOR OF THE HOUSE!

I need a vacation. My head is spinning.

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