I know I swore off politics - and I have - but I did watch a bit of "The Situation Room" with Wolff Blitzer during my lunch hour today and I got the biggest laugh!

Okay, Jack Cafferty was railing over this new Majority Leader - Boehner - the guy I was railing against in my last entry - you know, over what a crook the guy is.

Well, get this - not only did he pass out checks on the floor of the Senate - from tobacco lobbyists - today it comes out that he LIVES IN AN APARTMENT OWNED BY HIS FRIENDS - OF COURSE - LOBBYISTS FOR THE RESTAURANT BUSINESS - who lobby to keep the minimum wage from going up (so they don't have to pay the busboys more than a paupers wage). And of course, many times the minimum wage question has come before the Boehner guy - and he, of course voted against it.

So, Jack Cafferty is nearly puking from disgust - and I'm nearly puking from laughing so hard - and Wolff Blitzer (always the apologist for the Bush administration, he should get a medal of freedom) - says "well, to be fair, it is a basement apartment, and he's paying full market value"

I spit out my sandwich - and Cafferty goes "Do I look like I just fell of a turnip truck to you?" Wolff was unable to retort. He had nuttin'.

Oh, mah GAWD! I can't believe that 15 years ago, I was the president of the national Wolff Blitzer fan club!!!

I had to go back to work after that, but I laughed every time I thought of Wolff trying his damndest to come up with some way to make that Boehner guy and those crooks who voted him in - not look like the crooks that they are!

Tonight it's the Grammy's and lots of junk food. I'll hate myself in the morning, but I'm gonna pig out tonight!

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