Happy Valentines Day! Meh... Romance is for suckers!

Let's see. My kidlet and I? We've finally broken up. We are soooo Ovah!

See, she's of legal age now, and whatever personality suckage she demonstrates is on her. If at times, and in public places, she resembles an asshat - well, then I guess I've failed in my parenting skills. Such was the case last evening when I took her to B$st Buy because *something* was wrong with her laptop. It just never ends with the laptop troubles...

She didn't want to talk to the Geek Squ@d guys because their real job is to rip the customers off and sell as much needless product as possible. We know this due to the $300+ of product they tried to foist off on her last time she brought the laptop in - and if I hadn't stopped her, she would have fallen for it. Turns out all she needed to spend to fix her problem was - let me see... NOTHING - All she needed was a free anti-spyware program she downloaded from the internet.

Anyway, I digress - She strides over to the computer sales department and sort of corners a poor sales guy - dramatically trying to explain her troubles, while he looks around for an excuse to get away from her. He's trapped. He does a couple of things to the computer, and explains that there is nothing wrong with it. She's simply installed programs on the external hard drive, and her images and data on the internal hard drive - which is exactly backward from what she should have done - and which is slowly driving the computer insane... She doesn't want to hear this because that will entail her uninstalling and reinstalling Sims2, her current reason for living. So, she get's loud and argumentative with the poor guy - like it's his fault, and tries repeatedly to get him to come up with another answer. I'm watching and I'm cringing. After a while, I couldn't take it any longer, so I (who have been explaining things to this girl her whole life), attempt to clarify the information for her.

She turns on me.......

Tells me to LEAVE.

So I left. I was pissed. She DISSED me! Her mom, who spent freakin' HOURS in labor trying to bring her ass into this world.

At first, I was going to drive home and let her walk - and I would have done just that if she hadn't been carrying a $1400 laptop and an external hard drive. That's all I would have needed - to be responsible for her getting mugged. I'd never live it down.

So, I stayed - pouting outside the store - and when she finally emerged, we had a really nice knock-down-drag-out-fight discussion about her disrespecting me - and my inability, it seems, to let go of the mothering instinct.

I really do need to get over that. If she is an idiot, well, she's going to have to learn through the school of hard knocks. If a store employee freaks out on her - well, shit happens. It's no longer my burden...

In return for her liberation - I don't have to cook dinner any more, or come right home after work!!!!! Woot!

Of course, I don't know what I'll do with myself yet. Like tonight for instance - I wiled away some time at the supermarket, picking up french bread and a bag of salad. Which I took home and we split. Baby steps. Baby steps.

Of course, he did wait 14 hours in order to sober up before he called anybody to report the "incident".

Did you know that Ted Kennedy, after his Chappiquiddick accident where Mary Jo Kopeckny died - went to court, pled guilty, was given 2 months in jail (suspended sentence) - and afterwards there was a Grand Jury investigation which turned up NO EVIDENCE of a crime?

Nope. The disgusting right-wingers NEVER tell that part of the story, do they?

And what's the deal with Paul Hackett? I don't know the particulars yet, but I have to wonder if the Democrats like Harry Reid and Charles Schumer, who have been in office for decades, turned on him because he's new blood. I wonder if they're afraid that they'll look like the boobs they are if fresh voices are heard and change comes, and the Democrats are no longer the whiney, whimpy, DO NOTHING party they have become.

I'm keeping my eye on this one, for sure.
Well, it's off to watch American Idol/Westminster Kennel Club via picture in picture.

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