Okay, I think I've got it now.

It's ONE POUND. One at a time. One day. Working on one pound...

So far, after scaling back my vision, not setting goals and deadlines - just the one pound - I've managed to lose 2-1/2 pounds this week!

It could be that I'm just "special" and can't manage if I look at the *big* picture. I rebel. I panic. I bake cookies... But if I just look at the one pound ahead of me - I can make healthy choices regarding that pound. I can eat a healthy breakfast of yogurt and a mid-morning snack of oatmeal. I can forego the chips with my healthy lunch of tuna on whole wheat and a glass of orange juice. When I visit the snack machine mid-afternoon - I can push C-6 and get the bag of mixed nuts instead of the $nicker's bar. And in the evening, I can walk that extra mile with Reggie - or work out to that torturous "Slo-Robics" routine that kills my ass-muscles. And around 9 p.m. I can happily reach for an apple (Mcintosh, of course) to get my hit of sweet/crunchy...

It's that one pound approach which seems to be working finally.

Huh. Whoda thunk it?

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