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There is an older model Mercedes parked outside my apartment, in the driveway where one of my drunken neighbors could easily smash into it on their way home later this evening. That makes me nervous.
If George Dubya Bush had indeed de-classified the information that Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA agent before he had Scooter Libby leak it to the New York Times and other news agencies - he would have damn well said that when asked about it two years ago. He would have said that he had de-classified the information! Instead, he said he would find out whoever had leaked classified information - and the leaker would be "taken care of".

Fucking liar! He should be dealt with the way the law is written for those who commit treason.
Reggie has the poops. We took him to the emergency vet Thursday before last. She put him on some medication and had us feed him chicken and rice for a few days and then ease him back on dog food. Well, he has a great appetite, is playful, but he's still a little.... smooshy. I wonder how long the smooshiness will last. I've had to stop with the dog food re-introduction and put him back on the boiled chicken and rice. Maybe he's got worms.
Oh, and Mandisa? How does it feel to have peaked and then wrecked your fledgling career all in one week?

Stupid cow. Get's the boot off American Idol on Wednesday, and by Friday night has already refused to perform at a pro-gay event...

Stupid, stupid homophobic cow.

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