It's always something. Always fucking something.........

I am having menopausal sleep problems and I'm extremely tired and cranky, not to mention bleary eyed. I would be asleep right now, except I had to go to the Sav-0n to get Dr@ino.

Because my child washed the dog and his black fur is clogging my tub.

I have no idea if the Dr@ino has worked. I'm afraid to look.

I don't want to have to take my morning bath in the kitchen sink.

I don't want to call a plumber. I don't want to have to clean my bathroom for a plumber.

I want to go to bed. And sleep. And forget all about my troubles.

I was at the aforementioned Sav-0n purchasing the aforementioned Dr@ino and I happened to be behind a woman who was - I don't know... a mental patient? She was very pretty, but there was something "off" about her. She asked to purchase two packs of cigarettes. Some sort of ultra-lights and a pack of "Basic". The checker had to leave his post in order to search for and retrieve the smokes. He couldn't find them. He suggested alternative brands and brought forth various packs to her, holding them like a wine-steward might introduce a bottle of fine champagne... The ritual was repeated three times before she finally settled on two packs of Virgini@ Slims. Then there was the matter of the price. The checker had quoted her $3.99 per pack. The Slims were $4.39. She balked.

At this point, everyone else in line changed to the next line over. Except me, because I was next and if I changed lines I'd be at the end instead of next. I made eye contact with the guy who had been behind me and said "I just have to see how this all plays out". To which this bitch turned to me and said "You know, you are very rude"


Yeah, well maybe I was. But I wasn't the one making the whole store wait until I purchased just the perfect source for my lung cancer!

Bah! Humbug! I'm gonna go check the tub.

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