I bought a car!!!!! I can't believe I did that! I knew I was going to have to buy a car soon - the Geo, bless her heart, had a bad clutch/throw out bearing, and needed new CV boots and brakes - not to mention the windows wer out of kilter and needed to be repaired - oh, and the window roller handle was being kept in the glove box as it fell off...

I knew I had to buy a car soon. But I was waiting around and waiting around - for something to push me.

I came downstairs this morning to get into the Geo and drive to work when I noticed that someone had broken into it in the night and taken off with my stereo! That's my 5th stereo... I was really upset! I was determined NOT to spend another $100 on a stereo for the money-pit that was the Geo.

This was the "something" I'd been waiting for...

So - I became determined that nothing was going to stand in my way. Not even being unable to afford a new car!!!!

I purchased a "Certified Pre-Owned" 2003 Ford Focus. It's "Arizona Beige" in color and it's fully loaded - A/C, Blaupunct (can't spell it...) CD/Stereo, Alarm, Power Windows and doors, airbags. A TRUNK!!! Only had 36,000 miles on it and I got it for $9,991. Perfect price, perfect car. I swear to God, I nearly threw up though when signing all those papers!

Of course, they got me for Gap insurance and some sort of extended warranty (8 years parts and labor - not bad).

I'm happy. Scared, but happy. I can always get a second job at McDonalds, right?


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