Two days in a row I've been awakened by the yearly battle between the crows and the hawks. The crows have babies. The hawks are hungry. They perch on the high electrical poles outside the apartment and watch the crow nests for a chance to swoop down and grab a tasty hatchling.

The crows, as you might imagine are staunchly opposed. So, they spend most of the day, taking turns divebombing the hawks, caw-ing and cackling. The hawks screaming their annoyance. Me? Trying to freakin' sleep! If I could reach, I'd throw a shoe!

Funny, since they cut down the large trees in front of my apartment building, we've had more birds than before they cut them down. I believe some are nesting in colonies up on the roof, because I keep seeing them fly up there.

Today, I've spotted the house finches, who have red heads and beautiful songs, and a whole lot of either barn swallows, or martins. I can't tell which yet, as they fly so fast I can't get a good look with my binoculars. Either way, they're really pretty birds.

I've changed my haircolor back to blonde. I can no longer afford the money for the touching up and the color re-brightening glaze and the pain in the ass time-consuming dye jobs. I have a car to pay for. I have to be financially responsible now.

Plus, I'm a freakin' NATURAL BLONDE! What was I thinking?

So, it's blonde again. I'm just happy I didn't turn out bald with all the color stipping and re-coloring. I don't think I'll be coloring it dark again soon. Well, until I change my mind again!

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