I telephoned Senator Arlen Specter's office today at lunch, to thank him and congratulate him on his very intelligent and common sense views against the poo-flinging monkey President Bush's proposed Constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage (that he once again pulled out of his ass as a distraction from the disaster that is his administration right before an election).

I think REAL Republicans like Senator Arlen Specter deserve to be applauded when they stand up against their nutcase right-wing counterparts. In the next election, he's going to be branded as satanic, anti-family, anti-Jesus - whatever, because he didn't knuckle under to their pressure to force hate into the United States Constitution. I just had to call and thank him for being brave...

And then, I voted. And I voted for a Republican *gasp*, for mayor of my fair city. The current Democrat mayor has not only built my city up to become a nasty, big city with condos on every freakin' corner, even in industrial areas, traffic congestion, overcrowded schools etc. - he waged one of the dirtiest, scummiest, nastiest campaigns I've ever seen - or even read about! He screwed himself over and I can't wait to call his office after he loses (currently 61% of our city voted for the Republican opponent) so I can tell him exactly why I voted against him.

But, that doesn't make me feel any less dirty for voting for a Repug... Must go shower now.

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