The book goes fabulously... NOT! I wrote one page. After that, either I couldn't get up in the morning to write anything, or it's too hot to write. One page, and I'm all blocked up.

No. I won't quit this project. It's too good. Too important - for me to write it if nothing else. I'll do it! I will!

I don't have to work until Wednesday. I'm so relaxed. We went to the sporting goods store yesterday to purchase the balance of our camping equipment. We've got nearly all new stuff this year, two tents (because the kid refuses to sleep with me any more...), new stove, air mattresses, camping chairs, fishing poles and tackle box. The rest we already had from our last camping trip. All we need now is a container of propane, plus I need to study up on how to tie the hook part to the rest of the fishing line. I've never done that before. So we're all set to camp and I'm really excited. Camping rocks. Totally rocks. Especially since we've got a car that can make it all the way to the camp spot.
I made a wonderful curry chicked salad for dinner tonight. It was completely too hot to cook and I had a couple of already cooked chicken breasts in the fridge. I've never made chicken salad before but I love it. And mine is really special... So special that every freakin' potluck from now til the end of time is going to include my special curry chicken salad. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

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