Heh... Move-On dot Org has a great new campaign going. GET THIS FREE BUMPER STICKER

Looks like Ken Lay did the first and only honorable thing in his miserable greedy crooked life today, when he croaked over. Go "Kenny Boy"! I'd wager he took cyanide like a good coward.

Seems I have bursitis in both my hips. I told the doctor she could tell me if it was because of my huge ass. She said no. She said I'm doing something different (and obviously wrong) to cause my walk to be off. That may be true, but I neglected to mention that my one hip has been bothering me for years, so whatever I've been doing - I've been doing for a while. At any rate, I'm to take Tylen0l because I can't tolerate any NSAID's due to asthma. And try to take things easy. I suppose my career as a long-distance runner is now in jeopardy... I hope I can make this go away, because the next step in treatment is to stick a long needle in the hip bursa and give me a cortisone shot.

Ain't gonna happen.

Oh. The good news from the doctor's office - I'VE LOST OVER 5 POUNDS - CLOSER TO 10 POUNDS - according to the doctor's scale, simply by avoiding high fructose corn syrup and trans fats! Who knew?????

I'm downloading The Grizzly Bears Webcam from National Geographic.

Nature is so centering after a hard day of nearly getting nuked by the North Koreans...

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