What a glorious day! It was finally cool enough to sleep through the night, and boy did I sleep! I awoke at 10 a.m., refreshed and relaxed. I made an appointment with the best hairdresser in the city, to get my hair cut. I watched 3 episodes of the best show on cable "Saved" with Tom Everett Scott, whose eyes are too large for his face and that makes him beautiful...

I got my hair cut, picked up some $1.99 bath towels at K-Mart - for camping - not for regular usage, and then came home to my cleaned up apartment (for which I paid my kid $20). Now, she doesn't clean like I do, but I didn't want to clean, so its worth the corners she missed and the stuff she more or less piled up and left for me.

Later this evening, we're taking a picnic dinner of cold fried chicken and macaroni salad - and the dog, to watch Shakspeare in the Park. Klass & Kulture, I tell ya!

Tomorrow we'll go to the laundromat with the sleeping bags. I'm feeling like a kid, all giddy with anticipation of the big get outta town - camping trip.

I'm watching the Little League field, where between 20 and 30 crows are enjoying the sprinkler and all the worms they can chow down.

July 29, 2006

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