Man, it's only 7:30 and it's nearly dark out already! I mean, the automatic street/park lights haven't even gone on yet. Maybe it's all the cloud cover from hurricane John. Or Fall quickly approaches...

Our next door neighbor was officially locked out of her apartment due to eviction today. This after I found a business card from the Welfare Fraud department of our county stuck in my door and when I called them, they wanted to know if I knew whether her son lived there or not. He hasn't lived with her for over a year, but apparently she's been getting welfare for him. Oops! Last evening the investigator plus two police officers went into her apartment and she said (in a later, hysterical phone call to me) that they made ugly accusations as to her abandoning her son and abusing him, etc. She is quite paranoid and believed that the woman in Apartment 1 was behind all the accusations, as she had been going through the trash. It's really sad. Today at lunch, my neighbor was out on the street. See, she's so crazy or on dope that she never, ever made a plan! I used to ask her repeatedly where she was going to live and she never answered me! She's going to become one of those crazy homeless ladies who talk to themselves while pusing a shopping cart, I just know it.

Well, at least it will be more peaceful around here. At 12:40 a.m. she was outside screaming at the woman who lives in Apartment 1... She's the next to go. That one is just plain crazy!
Turns out my mother can't be on Hospice. The woman who runs her board and care will charge her an additonal $200-$400 per month and if we did that, my mother would run out of money probably before she died... I guess it's okay. I visited her yesterday and she was up having dinner, chatting and full of vim and vigor (relatively speaking of course). I guess we'll wait until her condition gets markedly worse before we go for Hospice.
Gotta go get ready to pick up the kid from school. Hopefully she'll find a nice college boy to drive her home, take her on dates and freakin' marry her! A nice college boy with a futre and good medical insurance...

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