Gaaaaah! I've got anxiety!

First the kid and I got in a really ugly fight this morning on the way to her school. We were talking about registering her for Spring semester (which has to be done in November) and how she needs to give me her half of the bill ($150) pretty soon. Well, since she got fired from her last job for making a "terrorist threat" - don't ask - she's now spectacularly unemployed. And she's enjoying the rest and relaxation that only a former terrorist can do.

So she says to me - "you know, mom, that $150 could be an issue". So I tried to explain to her that I don't really have the whole $300 because I've only budgeted for my $150 half - but I could see my way clear to only taking the $75 that she has in her savings to apply toward her half. Sounds terrible, right? But you don't understand! I only have $30 a week after my bills are paid! I'm completely fucked if I get a flat tire! I have bills up my ass, and a car payment and additional insurance - AND THEY JUST RENTED THE CRAPPY ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT DOWNSTAIRS - THE ONE THAT'S JUST LIKE MINE BUT HAS HARDWOOD FLOORS - FOR $1300!!!!! That means that the owner/slum-lord of this building will be upping MY rent in the next couple of months! I just did my budget, and I only have - after bills - $127 for the month. That's NOW - without the rent raise.

So, I was a little edgy when the kid tried to back out of our deal... And the sickest part of all, is she's in school - as far as I'm concerned - because that way my employer lets me purchase health insurance for her at the not-so-small price of $200 a month! And with all her mental health issues, she HAS to have health insurance. So, I get to pay $600+ a year so I can pay $200 a month.

Yeah. I was testy. So she countered with the ONLY job she wants to try to get - a T-SHIRT ARTIST JOB IN FUCKING DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES ON SUNDAYS! And she wants me to drive her there... Yeah. An hour each way, 4 times on a Sunday. What's wrong with this picture?

I'm still testy. She was royally pissed off at me this morning, and I have to pick her up in 5 minutes. I wonder if she'll even be there, or if she's run away from home.

She can't. She has NO MONEY!

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