We've got ants. And more ants. Plus, there's a rustling in the bathroom cupboard at times that sounds suspiciously like rodent to me...

I just returned from what I like to call my "Movies with the 'Mo's" at the LGBT Center. We watched "Psycho" in honor of Halloween. Didn't have a real big turn out and I'm trying not to get a complex about it. It is darker and colder at 7 p.m. than it was in the summertime, so people might just want to stay home instead of going to the center to watch some movie. Maybe we should get the "game room" going to add that cozy hot apple cider, fresh baked cookies and "Boggle" feel to the place.

Anyway, I digress - I met the cutest guy tonight! He is about 6'4" tall, slender, dimples, beautiful smile... And an OB/Gyn! And he's from Egypt! I had the most interesting conversation with him, trying to understand how it is to be a gay man in freakin' Egypt! He says that it's very challenging - gay men marry women because of tradition, but they still find ways to interact with each other. He says that in Egypt, about 1 in 10 men are gay. And when "Brokeback Mountain" came out, it was banned there, but everyone had a copy. Anyway, he's been here for 6 weeks working on his PhD (gawd, an MD/PhD combo - what a catch for some lucky guy!) and he's just adorable.

Now I'm going to forage for food, put on my jammies and try to find an old movie to fall asleep to. Tomorrow is a busy day. Night!

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