Woot! The Editor of our local paper must love me. This is the second letter of mine they've published this year! I'm rather proud of it as it's both an homage to my beloved Keith Olbermann... Also, I was able to use the phrase "clutch my pearls" which is oft used by my friend Dave in his writings and always cracks me up. Anyway, here it is - enjoy!

"In his October 30, 2006 letter to the Editor ("Democrats will Push Negative
Agenda"), B___ C_____ regales us with various scenerios in which Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have their wicked way with our country. He envisions for us an apocalyptic future wherein the Bush Administration is legally made to abide by the Constitution, ending for good and for all, its warrentless spying upon United States citizens, as well as the torture of detainees who have been neither tried nor convicted of any crimes.

In a final attempt to terrify us into voting Republican on November 7th, Mr. C_______ threatens that if Ms. Pelosi becomes Majority Leader, there will be a movement to impeach George W. Bush - the President who was appointed by the Supreme Court, who lied us into an unjustifiable war, played air-guitar while citizens of New Orleans cried out for food, and who wiped his feet on the United States Constitution by the egregious act of suspending the writ of Habeas Corpus.

George W. Bush impeached? Pardon me while I clutch my pearls!"

My carpet is clean. The gray areas are gone. It doesn't smell so much like dog-ass in here now. But this morning, I caught my cat, Malcolm-X, calmly staring at the floor. I know he was planning his next episode of puking up breakfast, and searching for just the right spot...

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