Yesterday certainly didn't go as planned. Around 10:30 a.m., there were police sirens outside, followed soon after by numerous officers patrolling the area with guns drawn...

Apparently, a man robbed TWO banks, on foot, and then disappeared into somewhere in my neighborhood!

The "Crime Scene - Do Not Cross" barricades went up and apartments and condos were evacuated, or tenants were instructed to stay inside with doors locked. A police helicopter droned overhead. It felt eerily like South Central...

We were lucky in my building. We got to watch all the action from our street - with the SWAT Team and the K-9's, and the ice cream trucks kept coming by so we could load up on snow cones and the like (it was 80 degrees outside yesterday).

After 5 hours, the police finally gave up. The bank robber had gotten away with his crimes. For now, anyway...

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