I've decided not to renew my gold membership at DL. I still want to keep the diary because from time to time, I have stuff to memorialize, or I just feel the need to write something. But I can't financially justify paying hard cash in order to keep a photo of a cows teat up top of this thing.

Besides, nobody ever reads this any more.

I only read a select few of my "buddies" either, so.....

I visited the Social Security office this morning for my mother. I have to figure out what to do with her financially, since she's not on hospice any longer and will be running out of money soon.

Make a Plan, people! You WILL die some day. Deal with it so your loved ones don't have to scramble to take care of your demented ass later on. Thank you.

I wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper and they published it. I really enjoy seeing my name in print. And I love how my boss probably read my letter over his breakfast this morning and might have shot hot coffee out through his nostrils.

My house is a sty. An absolute fucking sty. I must get motivated to clean it today, as this is the final day of my vacation. I was sick for the first 3 days. Still, it was nice to be at home instead of working, and we have free HBO.

Utilizing a sort of bastardized version of the Curves diet, I've managed to lose a pound a week over the past 4 weeks. So long as I can stay motivated enough to eschew candy and treats (not counting the popcorn and milk duds and coke I had while watching "Grindhouse" - which was AWESOME, by the way) I can expect to lose a pound a week until I feel like stopping. We ate great for Easter. Wild Pacific salmon, stir-fried scallops in a lovely garlic and ginger marinade, fresh, steamed asparagus spears and dinner rolls. For desert, the kid made a graham cracker, pudding and fresh fruit pie. Very satisfying and healthy.

Oh, and I'm growing my hair long again. Even though I'm 52 years old. Even though my mother used to tell me that women over 30 should keep their hair short. I don't care. It's my hair, and it's my life and I'm growing it!

I think that's all from me for now. Hopefully it won't be 49 days until my next entry.

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