Dear TrulyPoetic - I've thought about our little exchange yesterday - and your seemingly pathological need to contact me and write me nasty notes.

It's clear that I have hurt you deeply. I acknowledge that.

I can't apologize for pointing out what I did - that you were on a really destructive path and I couldn't continue to read your diary any longer. It was driving me nuts thinking of how little you seemed to care about the emotional health of your precious child, and how you needed to have a man in your life so desperately that you would give up everything to have one.

Because I completely snapped and you got so pissed - also, probably you were forced by other things - to face up to your circumstances - and now, you claim you are doing just great - I can't apologize if I helped in any way to get you on a better path than the one you were on.

However, I do acknowledge that you suffered pain because I pointed out the obvious.

So, now, you feel like you need to send me numerous notes, pointing out my problems - my loneliness, my financial situation, my misery, my lesbianism... Sure. If it makes you feel better, go ahead. I don't give two shits what you think of me and my life. I don't even know you.

I do still think you are a homophobic cunt - as I explained in my response to you. You think that calling someone gay is an insult. It's not. Being gay is as normal and natural as having blue eyes, or brown hair. I am, as I wrote to you, on the Board of Directors of the Gay and Lesbian center in my area. I've been involved with the center for over a year now. (In fact, I'm what I like to call the head dyke-wrangler around here...) And I'm far from lonely. In fact, I don't get much of a chance to write in my diary every day - or every week for that matter, because I'm up at 5:45 a.m. and I don't usually get home until after 9 p.m. - because I'm so active MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! I don't have to chase after men in order to feel okay about myself. ('cause I'm busy chasing women... - Just kidding - I don't NEED to chase women - I have my fair share of admirers already). I feel okay about myself because I know I'm doing important work.

My "demented-ass" mother, as you so charitably put it - is none of your business. Kindly refrain from mentioning her ever again.

Now. I've acknowledged causing you pain (how many years ago was it now???) - publicly. I certainly hope this will cause you to cease and desist from harassing me.

I do wish you well in all your future endeavors. Now, kindly go away.

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