Well, here I am again. I had to take a break from writing here. Let's call it a well-deserved summer vacation. Kind of re-configure my psyche and all...

My mother died.

It was horrible. Not so much that she died, because that was a blessing. My mother at one time, walked the Great Wall of China. She traveled all around the world, she was a business woman - she had adventures. And she ended up, demented and starving to death. It was a horrible last couple of days for her - and for my brother and me. But it was only a couple of days that she suffered - not like somebody with a painful, incurable illness - or a war-refugee with legs blown off... I guess if there's a bright side - that would be it.

Anyway, she died. And for the past 3 weeks, I've been processing that and thinking about my life and how now, I can more or less come and go as I please. For the first time in years. Years...

And I've got plans.

I got a really nice raise last week. Which means that since March of 2004, I've increased my income by $20,000 a year!!!! I've paid off 2 credit cards this year and I'm about to pay off a 3rd.

And I'm going to Ireland and Paris. Not this year, but in 2009. And I don't have to worry if my mom is going to need her medication refilled, or be rushed to the hospital while I'm gone. She's fine now...
I also would like to re-visit the nasty stuff that was placed in my notes by a very mentally unstable woman last month. I wasn't going to - but, this is my diary and I feel like it. If you don't want to go there - stop reading now.

A long time ago, when I first started writing here - I did a lot of cyber-socializing with other diarists. I struck up a sort of buddy-ship with a wonderful writer (psycho or not, she can write like anything) and I read her diary every day. She had lots of adventures. Her husband was nuts. Cheated on her with the neighbor lady. There were fisticuffs. He would periodically kidnap their son and not turn up for days. They separated and reunited. All very trashy - but fun to read all the same. But, after a while, it all became too much of a trailer park deal for me to continue reading it. I got judgmental when the crazy husband again kidnapped the son and when her father suggested mental health intervention - she got angry with HIM! ('Cause anybody puts my kid in harms way, they'd better fucking be ready for a beat-down and I think all mothers should feel the same way). Anyway, I couldn't help myself and I wrote in her guest book and pretty much told her what I felt and that I could no longer read her diary. I guess that's a "my bad" because apparently we're to have no opinion about what we read here or some shit, because this woman took real offense to my judgment of her and apparently has been pissed off for YEARS now.

I hope she feels vindicated and has moved on. She has a brand new man now and as we all know, that's the MOST important thing - so he should keep her occupied and feeling superior - like she truly has it all. God Bless and good riddance, I say.
Other than that - Rent The Station Agent It's a WONDERFUL film!!!!

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