Where do I begin?

On July 25th, while walking my doggie in the park, I fell and fractured my right ankle in seven places. SEVEN!

Had surgery. Pins and plates, the whole nine yards. Had to hop up two flights of stairs one day post-op to get into my apartment... (I can do that now, no sweat).

Have been reliant upon the kindness of strangers and friends - and the kid, who pretty much runs the house now.

It's been a trip, believe me.

I have to learn to walk again as well as move my "muscles" - which in the case of my right calf are just a memory now. All atrophied. I'm sure my ass is a mess too. I am going to practice driving today. Wish me luck.

Things I've learned while recuperating:
1. Taking a bath while sitting on the crapper is not glamorous - but can be an effective de-stank maneuver.
2. Parts of your body can really smell bad if they don't get aired out regularly - even with the aforementioned crapper-bath.
3. Grocery chains deliver!!!!!
4. People you never even considered friends before - will come to your home and bring you lunch and dinner, offer rides to work, cards and flowers to cheer you. Who knew???
5. People you considered good friends before - don't even bother to send you an email... Go figure.
6. You can decide a lot about yourself, your relationship to the world and what you want to do when you grow up (even at 52)while lying on the sofa for a few weeks.

Next week - physical therapy! GAAAAAAAAH!!!

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