Well, I'm hobbling around these days on one crutch. It's not pretty, but I'm thrilled. I have been taking real showers like a real girl, and that's absolutely the best feeling. I feel so clean!!!

Today, I baked cookies - 3 dozen peanut butter and tomorrow I think I'll make a pot of stew which should be nearly the last thing I have to cook until Turkey Day. It's just the two of us, but I so love to cook that even if I lived alone, I would probably still make an entire Thanksgiving meal - just for the fun of it.

I've got two movies from Netfli*, so after I whip up some pasta alfredo with steamed broccoli, it's shower time and then movie time for this Milkmaid...

Tomorrow, we're venturing over to that store where "America Shops" and picking up a new microwave oven and carpet steamer. Time to get ready for holiday decorating so we need to begin with a clean carpet and go from there.

I'm loving the idea of the holidays. My poor brother is still grieving for our mother who passed away in June. He's not going to do much of anything this Christmas. I think a good way to honor her memory, is to enjoy the holiday that she enjoyed so much. I'm going to savor all of it - the cool weather, the sights and smells - giving gifts to those people I care about - and baking her special Christmas cake. That makes me happy.

Okay. Time to put the pasta water on.


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