If you happen to be reading this diary, and a friend, lover or relative is in the throes of the disease of alcoholism, and you are very depressed - maybe even taking medication to ward off this depression - please, please please! Find a meeting of Al-Anon in your neighborhood (look in the yellow pages). Sit yourself down. Listen. Talk - even if it seems like you are not making sense, or you are blaming the alcoholic, or you feel disloyal to them, or you think "this is stupid and this will not help"...Do it anyway. Get hugged. Get loved. Get better.

Nobody can will an alcoholic to stop drinking. You cannot outwit them. You cannot punish them into sobriety. You cannot turn your own insides out for their sake. You can only help yourself to understand that they are on their own path, just as you are on yours. You cannot walk their path for them as desperately as you want to...

Please do this if you are suffering. The rest of your life might be good and rich and full - the way it was intended to be.

End of PSA

August 10, 2002

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