Ohmygod! Ohmygod!!! I'm such a hypocrite!

I just now realized that all the talk and the nose-looking-down, and the tsk-tsking I've done over certain individuals (including my very own teenaged niece) who believe that oral sex is not "sex" has been bullshit on my part!

I remembered waaaaaaaaaay back to 1971 (Think Led Zepplin background music, patchouli mixed with the scent of pot - Me in a see-thru cotton peasant dress. Him, long haired in Levi's and motorcycle boots...) Before I officially "gave it up", I delighted my boyfriend with plenty of luscious, high school girl blow jobs. In my bedroom when the parents were at work. At his house when his parents were gone for the weekend. In the backseat of his volkswagen. At the beach. In the bathroom...Ohmygod! I did it precisely because 1) it shut him up for a few minutes and 2) it WASN'T sex...

I'm such a hypocrite. Well, I'm certainly NOT going to tell anyone. Especially my niece, or god forbid, my own kidlet!

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