I had to get real zen about the whole adventure. I searched the theater twice. No radio faceplate. Gone. Vanished into thin air...

I called around to find a place that carried the same model number, so perhaps I could just buy another unit, take the face plate out of the box, and stick it right on my existing perfectly good stereo. Nope. Of course. Last year's model...

I ended up dickering around between Circuit City and Best Buy - to get the installation of the newer, slightly better model done for free. Best Buy won. (they do so rock). After spending $140 I shouldn't have had to spend at all if I'd been more careful - I have music once again in the Geo.

I do have to mention that simply losing my car stereo, is a lot less painful emotionally than having it ripped out of the car either by boyfriend crack-heads, or stranger crack-heads - as has been my history. Though, I did spend an inordinate amount of time, what-iffing and if-onlying. I couldn't figure out how my karma had gotten so fucked up that I should have bad luck like this. I've been good. Very good. I've been making an effort to walk the talk. I figured my karma would be in good shape. So why????????

Since I have to rationalize everything to death - I decided that sometimes, we become the instrument of another soul's karma. Perhaps somebody picked up my little radio faceplate - and in an instant, decided to keep it instead of turning it in to the lost and found. Now their karma has been altered. They will start having a difficult time, instead of the good time they could have enjoyed, had they simply chosen to turn the radio in. I, the good and honorable citizen, was simply the mechanism for this life altering choice...

It may be all b.s. - but, I feel better - and really - isn't that the most important thing?

August 11, 2002

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