Well, here I am - landed at Diaryland.com. Never thought I would need an on-line diary - but I've been having some adventures lately - not so good ones - and I need a place to vent my spleen!

I have to move from my apartment, and rents are so expensive now! I had no idea what was going on out there. I am having serious sticker shock! I have great fear and worry about how I will make ends meet for myself and my daughter. What if the car breaks down? How will my child get home from school if we live far from school? What if my ex-husband gets fired from his job and has no child support for us?

I know that I have a Higher Power who is looking out for us. We've been in sticky situations before. We didn't die or end up living in a cardboard box. (of course then, we didn't have a REPUBLICAN in the White House.... - when they're in, there's always lots of people living in cardboard boxes!)

I just have to remember to do the foot work - and let God take care of the details for me. That's the hard part. I always want to take care of everyting myself. I should know by now that I'm not very good at it.

I feel a little better.


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