I wrote something profound yesterday, and right near the end, my computer froze and ate my entry. I couldn't get it up to write anything else...

We made our triumphant return to the Unitarian church yesterday. We haven't been there for about 5 years - since the divorce. I guess that's why we left - too many weird marriage-memories. But, it was nice to be back in the fold. All those liberal, social-activist types are so refreshing and give me hope that there ARE constructive things that can be done in this world to help people.

I know that hearing how Rosa Parks (a wonderful lady, but let's face it, she's really, really old, in really, really poor health, and is probably not the most politically savvy person out there today) supports George W's federal bucks for faith-based charity - DOESN'T give me that much of a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I worked for a faith-based charity - probably the biggest one there is - as a drug/alcohol counselor for about 6 months. Let me tell you - they paid little more than lip service to any kind of 12-step program to help those drunks/addicts. They had idiots like me, unsupervised, "counseling" people. They DID however, force their clients to go to church umpteen times a week and work like dogs bringing in donated items to sell in their stores.... I'm sure there are other, good and decent faith-based programs that do sincerely want to help people. I'm just afraid the only ones that will get those federal bucks will be the kind I saw in action.

Well, you go Dubya and Rosa! This should be interesting.


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