So, we ended up just hanging out - the two girls together, going all over the neighborhood - the park, the comic book store, and the Psychic Eye bookstore for candles. I got to laze around the house, sitting out on the balcony, reading a novel - pure bliss! Finally some serious relaxing.

After we dropped my niece back home, we went to the mall on "The Hill". I haven't been there since they re-modeled. Wow! They took the roof off, so it's really a nice looking, outside shopping center. Tonight, some theatre troop was performing "The Tempest" under the stars. Nice touch. We cruised the overpriced boutiques - picked up a "Bebe" t-shirt for the kidlet - pretended we were going to buy something in Saks 5th Avenue, and chatted with the Art Gallery guy about his photographs. It was nice. Nice to go to a mall without a bunch of loud, scary looking gang-bangers skulking about. The rich have it better. They really do.

After the shopping, we went to see a movie. One, I'm afraid, the critics won't be kind to. "The Others", Nicole Kidman's new film. Okay, I'm not going to give anything away. There are some plot twists and surprises. But it's SCARY!!!! Oh, there's some weird stuff in the middle that they had to throw in to get from point A to point B, but if you just ignore that, and some other stuff that's just plain unrealistic - even for a ghostly movie - it's still pretty darn cool. And, about every 15 minutes, you just about pee your pants from fright. I'll take that over a rollercoaster ride any day.

I take a medication that prevents my body from releasing any significant amount of adrenalin into my system. It's really weird to get a fright that makes me jump out of my seat - and then no adrenalin rush. I keep expecting one, and never get it. Believe me - I don't miss adrenalin one bit. Had enough for one lifetime!


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