Now, I'm beginning to worry that I'm finally losing my mind.

Maybe it's the virus I thought I'd shaken. Maybe it's only hormones. But, I've been behaving in a strange manner, EVEN for me.

This weekend, I was so irritable. I was seething inside. I was impossible to please. I was short-tempered, rude, hostile, teary. I thought at one point, I was going to burst an aneurysm, or my head would just explode - Gosh, it was just like re-living the last 8 years of my marriage!!

Plus, last night, after I had finished all 147 of my chores - and watched my favorite television shows, and tuckled the kidlet into bed - I fell asleep for two hours. Period. That's all the sleep I got.

I woke up at 2:30, and started thinking about all the stuff I needed to do at work. I got resentful, bitter, angry - and then I got upset with myself for spending my valuable sleeping time thinking about my stupid job... Oh, what a vicious cycle.

So, of course today, with the deadline, I'm practically nodding off from lack of Z's. I did find a useful trick to keep myself going. I would, at intervals, have a small piece of hard candy. The sugar was enough to give me a little boost. Just enough for one or two tasks. I would start to crash, and need another pick-me-up. Kinda like a candy/crack fiend.

I told my bosses that Friday, I was taking a "mental-health" day off from work. They all probably think I need to be committed anyway, so nobody argued.

I sure hope that whatever is biting my ass will go away soon. If it's the virus, maybe it's just infecting my brain - no loss there. And Auntie Flo is already two weeks late!! She's got to show up soon. I'm about to puff up like a dead cat!!!


Oh yeah. Someting good. I WON!!! I won a layout auction!

I won a cute layout - no cows. Sheep. - Ahh you can still milk a sheep and get some mighty fine cheese.

In my state, I'm not sure whether or not to use the layout. I have no clue how to upload the thing. The lady who did this layout installed it for me. This could be a good way to learn!

Maybe tomorrow, after a good night's sleep......


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