Hopefully this will be the end of the cat saga. Except the way my head runs with stuff, I've already got him dead...

I've been feeding Malcolm about a teaspoon sized portion of canned cat food every so often to see if he can keep it down. So far, except for one incident, which had fur in it - he's been good to go.

He was alert and interested in his surroundings yesterday. I let him have a "blankie" which he loves, and he's been drinking water too. So far, sounds like he's on the mend.

But, this is where my head starts running. I can't be sure if he's going pee or not. I find him in the litter box, but I can't tell if he's been the one peeing, or if it was Goldie! And, also, he's not making poops either yet. Though, he hasn't had much to eat in the past few days.

At any rate, I haven't given him the antibiotic yet. I thought it was better to get him to keep some water and food down first. If he hurls up the antibiotic, what good does it do? I think I'll give it to him at lunch, just to make sure he doesn't have some urinary thing going on. Geez. Why can't cats talk?


The kidlet also hit me last night with some serious teenage angst. She wants to know the answers to age old questions about why the world is in chaos, and what part "God" or "Goddess" plays in all of it. She weeps because she doesn't know how fate and personal decision making interplay with each other... All I could do was reassure her that nobody knows for sure how it's all tied together. Whatever she believes today, probably will change with time and experience, and not to let that bother her. Plus, I told her that some of the greatest minds in all the world had pondered those very ideas, and not to get too worked up because she couldn't solve every puzzle...

Parenting. Lots of fun at 10 p.m., eh?

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