Well, the problem of the holidays is sort of solved.

Thanksgiving: Grandma and I will be dining at this little restaurant/coffee shop called "Hofs Hut". I know that sounds crappy, but the few places that were open, were either booked solid already, or were charging upwards of $25 for a buffet! So "Hofs Hut" it is! Their stuff is waaay comfort food-ish, it's close by, and the place is certain to be filled with other old codgers... Plus, I'm still a little miffed over the Christmas dinner debacle, so I feel like doing a little punishing - more on Christmas later.

Prior to my escorting Grandma to what will no doubt be the finest Thanksgiving dinner she's ever had - I will have roasted my very own turkey - with dressing, mashed potatoes and cranberries. Yes. Again this year, I have my secret Thanksgiving cookfest! I wasn't going to do it again, but since we'll not have any leftovers for Christmas (wait- it's coming), and no leftovers for the 4-day Thanksgiving weekend - I simply had to do something. By the time I pull into Grandma's driveway on Thursday next, I will have roasted, boiled, baked, carved, and carefully wrapped and refrigerated a bounty of holiday fare... That should do us until Christmas. Aaaaaaah

Apparently, in order to have her children and grandchildren around her table this Christmas, Grandma has come up with a novel plan. She will purchase one of those Gawd awful pre-cooked dinners from the local supermarket so that she doesn't have to cook. I have been invited to provide my famous fresh green bean and almond dish. What, the nasty, slimy, over-salted vegetables they provide with the supermarket dinners aren't good enough for ya? Apparently, my brother would rather eat that crap, than come to my lovely apartment in the trees, because it's much simpler for him to walk the length of the driveway at their apartment complex (yes, they live in the same apartment complex) than it would be to get into the car, and haul Grandma the 10 minutes to my apartment. However, it's apparently no hardship for me to drive to Grandma's with my Hefty bag full of Christmas gifts and my fresh green beans with almonds!

I told my brother that I was just showing up for dinner and that was that! He said that would be fine. Asshole...

Actually, I'm not all that bitter now that I feel freed up to cook a turkey. I will have a lovely Christmas, and decorate my little apartment to a fair-thee-well. I'll bake fabulous seasonal delights, and more than likely - roast up another bird just for the fun of it. I think it's the idea that I'm being controlled once again that sets my teeth on edge. And I think I become more angry at myself for not having the balls to stand up to these maniacs. Well, until I get some balls - I'll just continue to roast - turkey, that is...

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