I AM SO BLOODY BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot my boss' wife's See's candy catalog and I have to send it to her in Michigan tonight via FedEx. So, after work, with my horrid virus, I get to pick up the kidlet, haul all the way over to See's - pick up the aforementioned catalog, throw it into the FedEx envelope with the other mail, drive all the way back to FedEx, drop it off, go into the supermarket to the pharmacy, get drugs (yay!), buy some food for dinner and finally - finally... I can get home to collapse in a heap on the sofa and be sick. Blorch!

In the meantime - I'm really, really bored. Nobody wants me to come to their office, because I'm contagious. I can't talk on the phone because I've got laryngitis, I'm too cranky to discuss anyting with my QAF buddies. Ten minutes. I've got to survive for ten more minutes.

I might break down and cry...

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