I got a dose of that familiar, "Oh no! Christmas is already over!" feeling last night. I don't particularly enjoy the cold winter weather (sorry, I know 50 degrees isn't "cold" to some). After Christmas, and my New Year's Day celebratory pot of corned beef with cabbage - I have trouble getting through January and February. There aren't any holidays to look forward to, and warm weather is far in the future.

I decided to spend the next two months devoted to self improvement. Nothing to look forward to, leaves me free to work on myself. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. Two months of exercise, meditation, Yoga. Positive results should be forthcoming.


The kidlet had a fairly good Christmas. She is easily distracted from her "weirdness" (for lack of a better word). Being around people seems to be helpful. That way, she doesn't get to be so self absorbed and all up in her head.

My mother made it perfectly clear that she didn't like either gift my brother or I gave her for Christmas. I was brought up to say "thank you", even for the stuff I got that was crappy. I suppose, when you are 73, and have a buttload of passive-agressive tendencies, coupled with tremendous hostility towards your children - you forget your manners... She gave us all cash. Cash is good. (Maybe next year, she'll get cash).

Today, we're going to Borders. We got lots of Borders gift certificates for Christmas. I love Borders!

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