Today, I decided to fuck it all and hire an attorney. It's only money. And after fuck-head's wacky hijinx with the EAP this morning, I figure I need (and the kidlet needs) some kind of support.

I got a call from the EAP at Bow-Wing after lunch. Seems fuck-head had been on the phone "hassling" him about wanting to fire the kidlet's psychologist. The EAP explained that just because the insurance benefits came from his employer - he couldn't fire the woman just because she didn't agree with him.

But, you see - I'm not sure something like that couldn't happen by accident, or some paperwork snarl couldn't occur. I want to avoid him making phone calls and cancelling appointments just to fuck with everyone.

Plus, he's fucking with his daughter's recovery from a devistating condition that might have taken her life!

In my lay-opinion, he's abused his "joint-legal custody" privilege. If he decided to get rid of his daughter's therapist, out of spite - that's truly fucked up. I need a big, strong, well-dressed lawyer backing me up on this one.

I've already started looking. Tomorrow, I'm making some phone calls.

I'm no longer the victim. I'm the good guy. I'm looking out for my kid. I've got every good and powerful aspect of the universe working for me. He's got Bupkis. Oh yeah. He's fucked with the wrong female this time!

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