The ancient long-haired dacshund next door has been barking non-stop since 9:30. I think the alcoholic woman he lives with, either left him alone for the long weekend - or she's dead in there. He usually doesn't make a peep. Perhaps the lonliness has driven him insane. In turn, he's driving me insane. I expect to start barking any minute now...

So far this weekend, I haven't done a lick. Nothing. Sat on my ass watching television - doesn't help that the weather is cool and the sky is gray. Sleepy weather. Got the kidlet's hair cut yesterday. She looks awesome, and not at all scary anymore. Took my mom grocery shopping. Washed an ass-load of dishes. That's about it.

There is much hubbub on my message board. Former Administrator asked to have her membership reinstated, so, we did. She came back on and made a big stink, annoying most of us. Kicked her ass out again. Then, today, my co-admin. says he got a notice from the people who run our board, saying we were under investigation for having pornography on our board. And that a "former administrator" had complained about it... Weeeelllll, I might have been born at night - but I wasn't born LAST night. She didn't complain. He's making a huge deal - and I think this is going to get very ugly. I'm going to end up finding out the truth, and banning him for being a psycho and then he'll come back and hack the board and more than likely try to fry my hard drive. Sheesh. Why are people so unbalanced?

Speaking of unbalanced - I had one of my famous revelations yesterday. See, Friday night, I co-hostessed a boy/girl lingerie and adult toy party at my gal-pal Rhonda's house. Since I didn't really have any use for anything they were selling, I got to study some nice married couples. I came to the conclusion that I really fucked myself over in the marriage department. For whatever reason, I always chose men who were wrong for me. I married a CRAZY person and I didn't even know it. We never had any friends when we were married. No couples to hang out with. No going out to dinner with people. At first, I noticed the lack of friends. In fact, I used to try and socialize with my friends and their husbands - but it never worked out. After a while, I just forgot what that was like.

Anyway, Rhonda's friends were really nice. The whole group of them have kids who either play on the Little League team together, or do Boy Scouts together. I realized I never knew what that felt like when I was married.

Now of course, I have my own crew of friends, and we do hang out and go places together. But I know that if my ex wasn't a crazy person, I could have had what Rhonda has - and I probably would have still been married.

I think that after the kidlet goes all Felicity and starts college, I'll find a nice old codger - not crazy - who smells nice, and likes to go out to dinner with friends. And I'll marry him.

Oh yeah. I'm having trouble justifying my anger with the ex. Because if he really is mentally ill, all his bullshit isn't really his fault, now is it? Fuckity-fuck-fuck...

Though I do have a question about his mental illness that continues to plague me... Why was one of the first symptoms of him becoming mentally ill - a change in his political belief system - to that of Ultra-conservative??? Is that some sort of universal symptom of being nuts???

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