I was walking Reggie at lunch today, and I became annoyed that he has to sniff so much. Every 5 feet. Every new bush, and he's gotta stop and sniff. Sometimes he lifts his leg, to add to the mix.

Then it came to me. Perhaps he's carrying on a conversation, or converstations with other doggies. Maybe he sniffs in order to "read" some other dog's ideas about local politics, or religion - and when he lifts his leg - he's giving his opinion. It's sort of like email. But it's Pee-mail!


We were awakened at 5:30 this morning by the Crows. They must have chicks in their nests, because for the past week or so, the Hawk has been followed by a gang of those crows, dive-bombing him, and squawking away. He can't get a break. This morning, the entire complex was awakened by the Crows bothering that Hawk. I hope he eats every last one of their chicks. Bastards!


I borrowed this from Jason

(1) Worst movie that comes to mind:

"XXX" comes to mind. Crapola from start to finish. Vin Diesel couldn't even save it for me - especially after that lame kiss. Blech!

2) Movie-watching guilty pleasure:

I get so excited over previews of coming attractions! I like those almost more than whatever film I'm about to see. Oh. And Junior Mints. Definitely the Junior Mints...

3) I spend too much time . . .

On line - at work - on my message board. I'm so going to get fired!

4) My senior prom was . . .

Nice. I had a boyfriend and a beautiful pink, crepe dress. We had our Prom on the Queen Mary, drank champagne, and stayed out late.

5) Your mission description or organizational purpose would be...

"We see God in you, and you in God".

6) A pet peeve:

People who are too fucking stupid to think. Who are too lazy to help someone else, and are too selfish to care how their laziness and stupidity affect everyone else.

7) Know a dirty joke?

Yeah. But I'm no good at telling them.

8) An example of "Things don't work this way" would be:

US Foreign Policy

9) Which of the following are you: Hot stud, loveable geek, reject, a total nobody.

I'm a Hot Stud. Um, hello? Sexist quiz, much????

10) Unadmirable personal trait:

People pleasing - but I'm getting MUCH better at not requiring other people's approval to live.

That was fun.


My Attorney's office called!!!! Both psychiatrists have responded with their own declarations! The attorney said we got exactly what we needed, and she's gonna email them to me tomorrow. She says "they both love your daughter"!! If it's juicy stuff - I'll copy it here... Woo Hoo!

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