We're supposed to be out gadding about right now, but I'm still in my pj's and I have a horrid headache. It's been around for a couple of days now. Base of my skull. Right sided. Also my right temple and ear. I think it's a combination of sinus and muscle. Errrghhhh.


Joanne's had a rockin' sale going on, and I picked up some arts 'n crafts goodies. A small scrapbook, so I can put kidlet's Maine photos in some sort of attractive order; scrapbook papers (5 for $1!!!); some really nice, blank cards that I'm going to tranform into scrumptuous Christmas cards via rubber stamps (Kitchenlogic will be so proud)...


I think I've got my mother figured out. Well, as much as anyone could figure that woman out. She keeps making my brother and I take her to the grocery store. She calls for emergency ICE CREAM deliveries. It's MADNESS! I think the reason she likes to go to the store so much, is the store is about all she can handle. Her brain is all scrambled by those strokes, and she's practically deaf. A lot of her memory is shot. But she knows the grocery store. It's just the right size for her. Not too big to handle. It's familiar. It's somewhere besides her apartment. That's really sad. This woman walked the Great Wall of China. Now, the grocery store is a big deal.

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