I got this:

Open up your pea-brain. You know what we were preoccupied with in the 1980s? This giant global threat and self-proclaimed enemy to America known as the Soviet Union. Here's another way of looking at it...if it was WRONG to support Iraq in the 1980s, is it not EQUALLY wrong now? Why should we see any need to be consistent in being wrong? Please don't waste my time. You are insipid and dim-witted. I've heard the we-helped-saddam-in-the-1980s mantra a million times. I mean, at least come up with something original. My only hope is that you and your ilk move to Canada or commit suicide when Bush wins in 2004.

lovely entry into my guestbook from this Wankstain John.

I love it when right wing wackos fervently hope I commit suicide because I disagree with their twisted thinking.

How he must suffer on a day to day basis, just living with himself...

Plus he was so fucking stupid, he posted his message twice. The festering anger inside, probably made his hand spasm on the mouse.


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