I'm so antsy. I can't settle down to do any real work. I have an assload of it to do, and I can't concentrate.

I have "short-timer's" disease.

Problem is, I can't get excited about my new job, because they haven't called me to tell me to go get my drug test yet. Which means they're not done with my background check... And even though I don't have any boo-boo's or hiccups blighting my record, I'm still all OCD about it. So I can't be excited yet.


I had to laugh at Dr. Laura yesterday. She's going to get herself sued by some parent some day...

She emphatically told a woman that she should take her child and leave the country, because the child's father - the caller's divorced husband - was "shacking up" with a woman! She implied that she believed it was okay to take children away from the other parent, and out of the country, if you don't agree with their lifestyle.

Ummm... Kidnapping charges, anyone????



I voted today. I voted for Kerry. I really don't like him all that much, but he seems like he's our guy... *meh*


I remembered I needed to schedule my annual pap test before I change jobs next Friday. So I called the OB/Gyn department at our medical clinic, and when they asked me who I wanted - I said I didn't care. Anyone walking around with a speculum would do...

Man, I wish my new company would call me. I'm freakin' antsy.

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