So yesterday was the big ACLU Summer Garden Party. I attended this soire with my pal Scotty and his new, true-love Paul, a 27 year old Chinese guy with a British accent who speaks 5 languages. A yoga instructor. No wait, a very hot yoga instructor.

He was easy on the eyes, though I sensed a certain competitivness coming from him. I guess since I've known Scott for a number of years and maybe he was worried he wouldn't make a good enough impression or something. Anyway, it was a little uncomfortable from time to time yesterday. But mostly really fun!

First, of course, we had to "do lunch"... Then we headed for the gala, but got lost a few times (two alpha-males, both trying to direct each other the best way to get to Brentwood - Gaaah!) After we finally found the place - and what a neighborhood!. I don't know how many rooms one needs in order to be a mansion, but I'm sure these homes were mansions! Holy crap! Nice pads! We walked into the back yard where the party was, and scouted around for celebrities. It was sort of lacking in the celeb department. We saw the usual suspects - Mike Farrell, Ed Asner, James Cromwell. Paula Poundstone emceed, Tom Hayden, former Mr. Jane Fonda and one of the original Chigago Seven power to the people! right on, baby! let the mutha burn!... - oh, sorry... I digress. And of course, Miss Margaret Cho received her award (and daaaaamn, she's lost a lot of weight! She looks great!). But that's about all the high-falutin' celebrities we saw. Mostly, it was just a bunch of worker bees like us. We ate cookies, watched the award and left.

And headed to the Pleasure Chest. Yep. We strolled around, looking at lube and le@ther masks, dild0s and c0ck rings for a good hour. The two love-birds were seriously shopping for toys. They ended up with a pack of rings and some bead thingies - (I'm so not going there). Then, we looked at magazines which were filled with nekkid men of all shapes and sizes. I wonder if it was weird for them to be looking at that with a girl... I took away nothing but the fond memory of having to pee in the public restroom at a sex sh0p.

It was clean.

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