I went to my new Curves-Like workout facility tonight to have my weights and measures done - and to do the circuit under supervision - to make sure I know how to operate the machinery without killing myself or someone else.

I did really well for a first-timer! I did the circuit two full times - that's twice on 18 machines and 18 runnings in place - And I got my heart rate to the optimum level. Of course, by the time I was finished, I absolutely was about to hurl. But I didn't.

And those machines and that 30 minutes of exercise is a real work out! I feel it in my legs and my abdominals and especially in my arms! I hope I'm not in much pain when I get up tomorrow... I have to be involved in a tour of my work facility and I don't want to be whimpering and crying the whole way.

At any rate, I'm encouraged. The woman who runs the place assured me that after seeing what I could do tonight, I'm certain to reach my weight goal (minus 20 pounds) and my other goal (to be able to bounce a quarter off my ass) a lot sooner than I anticipate reaching them. Woot!
Oh, and Mrs. Cheney? I don't want to interrupt your hue and cry over John Kerry speaking about your already out and proud lesbian daughter, but I just have to say that it's quite obvious to a lot of us that you wouldn't know the difference between a good man and a "not a good man" if either one of them came up and bit you on your stupid, homophobic bitch ass!

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