Big changes here at Milkland. Personal ones. First of all, I've gone completely red! I gambled that using a harsh shampoo on my formerly shit brindle chestnut brown tresses would take enough of the dark color out to be able to apply another, more suitable shade. I chose Cl@irol's Ultress "Auburn". (I also purchased a color stripper, just in case) and started to work.

I nearly pee'd my pants when I looked in the mirror at the carrot shade on my head - but after I waited, rinsed and conditioned, the color was FABULOUS! It goes with my complexion and my eyes show up again. Woot!

I also joined a gym. First thing I saw when I woke up yesterday morning was a B@lly's Total Fitness commercial. $19 down and $19 a month. I mean, who could resist? I'm so tired of fighting with that same two pounds for months and months. I want to lose some noticable weight, lower my bloodpressure and for some fortunate person to be able to bounce a quarter off my ass! So, I'm surrendering to the stairmaster.

I had previously signed up with a local "circuit training" gym - you know, a Curve$-like establishment. But I hated it. And lucky, lucky me - the idiot woman who signed me up, did something incorrectly, and they didn't take any money out of my bank account each month like they were supposed to. The way I look at it, me never going and them never taking - evens out.

I think I'm going to like B@llys. They've got everything there. All the machines, classes, personal training - doors on the showers. Plus, if I don't show any improvement within 30 days, I can get my money back.
The kid and I went to see "The Ring 2" last night. Don't believe the critics. That movie was freakin' SCARY! Not scary like the first one, but plenty of jump and scream moments. (Plus, it didn't hurt we were in a theater, completely packed by teenagers - who just LOVE to jump and scream...)
I surely hope Andrew can get his server back up.

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