A little over 2 weeks ago, our little doggie Reggie got mauled by a Rotweiller as we walked him on his leash in a park. It was horrible to see and nightmarish to hear him screaming. He ended up having surgery to repair a 3 inch puncture wound in his side. He was on pain medication for a week, and is still on antibiotics and wearing a collar. For the first 2 days after surgery, I had to hand feed him and give him water from a big spoon because he was too injured to get up and drink on his own.

It cost me $675.00.

The complete and total bitch who owned the Rotweiller sent me a certified letter today in response to my amazing demand letter for reimbursement. She either took the time and energy to mail me a note telling me to blow her, or there's some cash in there.... I'll pick it up at the post office tomorrow.

Being reimbursed would (will) be a good thing as I forked over $240 for the kid to have her teeth and gums cleaned real good today, and I paid cash seeing as how the California Franchise Tax Board's website promises a refund within a week. I filed a week ago, and when I checked their site, there's small print that says to give them 10 business days... GAAAAAH! Rent is due tomorrow! Heh.... Life is always exciting when you live on the edge!

Oh yeah. It rained yesterday and the roof leaked. Well, actually water poured through the fan in the bathroom. At 1 in the morning, I had to use an umbrella in order to pee.

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