I'm sitting on the sofa with my laptop on my lap - wearing my brand new leg brace... I'm wearing it because it will stretch my calf muscle and, hopefully allow my ankle joint to become more flexible. My ankle joint is a real pain in the butt. I've got tendonitis in it now and let me tell you, tendonitis is nothing to sneeze at!

I'm really hoping this brace thing works because I'm leaving for Alaska in a couple of months and I want to be flexible enough and in minimal discomfort as I trek through the wilderness.

Speaking of Alaska - I'm trying to decide whether to spend $160 to do a 1 hour, 100 mile fly-over of the glaciers, ice fields and the fijords. No, wait a minute. What am I saying - of COURSE I'm going to spend $160 to do a fly-over of the glaciers, ice fields, fijords and possibly see bears! Plus, I'll get to take off and land on the water! I'd be crazy NOT to!

Oh, and on one of the other days, I'm going to take a water taxi over to a neighboring town that is only reachable via boat. There are only 300 people who live in the town, and the doctor flies in from Anchorage. I'll be able to purchase "Fireweed Preserves" to bring back as gifts for my co-workers from the Native American co-op store. Maybe on the way to or from that small town, we'll be able to see whales!

Wow. That's only about 8 hours out of my entire trip! I've still got plenty of other things to do. I just haven't put them together into any sort of itinerary yet.

Only 90 more minutes of brace wearing to go for the night. Thank God for Google Earth!

February 26, 2008

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