I'm just about ready to go out to my garden and begin to plant some things. I figure I'll start out with some flowery borders - to make the garden really pretty this Spring. And, tonight, if I get the time, I'll put in the herbs. I'm making an herb garden at the back, and separating it from the vegetables by use of a little fence thing I bought at the nursery. The herbs are my daughter's domain (however, I'm positive I'll be taking over - she has a lot of ambition and little patience).

My brocolli and caulliflower seedlings are already so tall I need to take the top off the mini-greenhouse! The lemon balm has done a couple of sprouts - the chilis are still hiding.

I did purchase one sickly looking tomato plant. I know, I know, it's off-season for tomatoes. However, I read in a book specifically on Southern California gardening - that you can sometimes get tomatoes to grow until December. This poor plant was like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. The nursery had even stopped all life support - they weren't watering any more. I figured what the hell. So, it dies and I'm out $2. It could work! So, the tomato plant goes in tonight too.

Depending on my mood, the main vegetable planting can wait until this weekend, or next. It still hasn't approached the hottest part of summer yet. I don't want to fry anything...


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