Okay, okay...

I've just heard the most incredible bullshit. On CNN. They have three guys, former NSA head, the former CIA head (Woolsey?) and some member of a security commission - and here's what they're trying to push:

1. Like Tuesday, The US Government was completely taken by surprise by the attack on Pearl Harbor. HELLO? Nobody remembers that the Japanese government sent a warning to the US, DAYS before they attacked? Do we not remember that the really good ships were all floated out to sea, and the crappy ones were docked at Pearl Harbor? The US Government knew exactly what was going on then. They needed a reason to get into the war that would be okay with the voters....

2. US Intelligence has NOTHING to do with spying on people in the USA - only for spying on other governments....

3. When the head of the CIA receives a threat - he doesn't know who to send it to (the guy really did say this) He said he doesn't know whether to send it to INS, FBI, he just DOESN'T KNOW! Gee! How hard his job must be...

4. Part of our current Intelligence problem, is that pesky rule about not hiring people into the spy business who have criminal/violent pasts. Like they're going to shape up as soon as they get a civil service job...

Howscome none of these blowhards have bothered to mention that bin Laden is who he is, because the US government trained him and his co-horts back during Bush I's regime, in order to get the Russkies out of Afghanistan. (That's part of our philosophy of supporting any oppressive, criminal system - as long as it's not communist). I'd say that was akin to buying a Pit Bull puppy - teaching it to fight, and then being shocked when it mauls the neighbor's toddler!

I have had a nagging depression going for the past couple of days. I thought it was because the tragedy made me sad. It does. But, I now think there was more to my depression. I have spent the past 8 years believing the bad guys were all gone from our government. I was lulled into denial. When I look at my TV and I see all those old, familiar faces - all Papa Bush's people who haven't died of old age yet - I know it's so not over. We have just let the wound fester for 8 years.

There are approximately 2 million displaced Afghanistani's living in Iran. After the US/UN (same thing) blasts Afghanistan to kingdom come, there are going to be about 2 million pissed off people - just in Iran! We are going to make it so much worse.

I am not a diplomat or a politician or a military thinker. I do not have the qualifications to decide what to do in any situation like this. But, I gotta say, as a regular Joe(sephine), I am really, really not having a good feeling about this.


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