There is a gopher in the garden. More than one, I'm sure - but this particular little bastard dug a gigantic hole - large enough to break an ankle in - right next to my lettuce!!! I stuck the hose in the hole, and pumped about 5 gallons of water into it. I'm sure he's just laughing at my feeble attempts to drown him. I had better have ALL my lettuce in tact tomorrow, or there's going to be gopher hell to pay! Like George W. I'll "smoke him out" I'm "hot on his trail" I want that gopher "Dead or Alive!"


Took the kidlet and my niece to the mall today. Burger King for lunch, and bought us all new books. Kidlet got Harry Potter #3, neice got the first of a Buffy crossover trilogy, and I got the Fellowship of the Rings. I never read any of those books in high school, and I want to read them before the film is released in November. Let's see if I can get into the whole fantasy genre.


Not wanting to be a pain in the butt or anything - however, I am noticing a great many American flags hanging out after dark.... There are a few rules about the flag, and even though these are extraordinary times, it kind of bothers me that nobody seems to want to follow them. You're not supposed to leave Old Glory out after dark, unless there is a light shining on her. Even at my own company, they went out and purchased a big flag - took half the morning putting up the flag hanging thingy, and they've left the flag up all day and all night, since that time! I had to get all over Personnel, and of course, they had to talk to Operations, and they had to ask the warehouse people to be in charge of the taking down, and putting up... Those warehouse people can't even remember from Friday to Monday that it's their job to go to the mail room and get the UPS packages for shipment - They're supposed to be in charge of something as complicated and precise as taking the flag down???? Not bloody likely! That flag won't EVER come down! Sheesh!


Kidlet and I are going to watch the Vampire movie "The Addiction" now, and tomorrow, while she's gone and I can concentrate, I'm going to take a stab at "Momento". I hear it's great.


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