My office mate just hollered at the man with the big butt who honks his nose all day long. He came into our office and HONKED. It does sound exactly like a gigantic nose fart. Scares the heck out of me when I least expect it. A live goose wouldn't make that kind of racket! Grosses EVERYONE in the entire office out. Now everyone in here is being really quiet. I guess I'm not the only one who gets anxious inside when there's tension in the air.

See, my office mate really, really wanted the job this blow-hard got. She doesn't realize it, but her two bosses teamed up, and decided they didn't want to lose her as their assistant, so they hired somebody from outside for the position instead of promoting/losing her. She has been angry at this man since he got hired. Even though he's a real creepy guy, it's not his fault he got the job instead of her - (I'm just glad I never applied for the job, or I'd be getting the "treatment" now instead of him...)

Anyway, she's all mad, and he's all mad, and the rest of us are just being quiet and anxious - well, we're all quiet - maybe I'm the only one who's anxious.


(James Marsters was on KROQ this morning - he even SOUNDS hot...)

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