Feel like I've just made love to a smooth, muscular young man. Relaxed, satisfied, and in need of a smoke.... BUFFY IS BACK!!!!!

Sure, it was kind of a bumpy ride - first episodes after the summer usually are - it was great to see the old girl, and especially great to see my main vamp, Spike. I'll be sleepin' good tonite!


My 15 year old niece has a stepfather who is a certifiable idiot. He and her mom have joined one of those ultra-conservative, super-religious christian churches, whose ultimate purpose is to hate those who are different from themselves. Anyway, this moron was telling my niece that all Afghani's should die because they aren't christians. My niece questioned his logic in this and he told her the bible says there should be holy wars. My niece countered with the "Thou Shalt Not Kill" verse. He answered her with something she didn't understand, and he told her "you're not supposed to understand the bible". She shot back with "It must be nice not understanding something you're supposed to be basing your life on!"

What I want to know is, how are these so-called christians any different than their taliban counterparts? They're both ignorant, and they use any excuse to spew forth hatred for others. Complete waste of space - all of 'em.


On a more wonderful note, we had a bit of nature right outside our door this evening. I heard that screeching bird noise and hurried out to see what was happening. A hawk, a young one,(I think it was a ring-tailed hawk. It had beautiful speckles on it's chest and wings, and two dark lines across it's tail, like rings) was sitting high in the tree, and about ten crows were swooping around it. I was a bit worried about the hawk for a minute, but then I noticed he was just preening himself and generally ignoring the crows. After about fifteen minutes, everybody flew away (I was just as glad - my neck was killing me from looking straight up). I didn't have to worry too much about the hawk. I heard different noises later in the evening. Seems there's a nest of baby crows in that tree. Mr. Hawk was looking to score a little supper!

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