I have the blues. Not a true depression, thank God - but I have the blues. All I want to do is to sit on my sofa, in front of the TV and not think or move. I didn't even water my garden yesterday, or care whether the gopher ate all my beans, or was rotting in the trap. Didn't care.

I believe my blues are diet related. For the past month, I have been eating badly. Lots and lots of food, but all the wrong kinds. Fast food, candy, pasteries - no fresh veggies or fruits. My brain is simply depleted of Serotonin. I gotta hit Whole Foods tonight and get back on the road to good mental/physical health. That is, if I'm not too depressed to go shopping...


Speaking of shopping - last night, I did manage to drag my depressed ass over to the Psychic Eye Bookstore with the kidlet. My ATM/Mastercard was declined TWICE! I have lots and lots of money in the bank, so it was some kind of a glitch between the store and my bank, but that's so embarrassing! Some clerk I don't know and will probably not see again for a long while - thinks I'm broke. And, I care that she thinks I'm broke. That's the sickest part.


The other day, my boss received a letter here at the office, and the letter sort of "rustled" when I shook it. It was from someone I don't know. I refused to open the letter, and sent it down to HR (to "Nurse Ratchett") so maybe she could open it for me. Well, she just sliced into the envelope with her letter opener and found.....glitter!!!. I can't believe somebody would be such a dumbass as to send extra stuff in a letter at this time!

Anyway - our illustrious HR department sent the entire staff rubber gloves and a brochure on the dangers of Anthrax. Guess they don't want to open any more suspicious letters...


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